What Is Legal Notice ? Procedure Of Sending Legal Notice Step By Step

A legal notice is a formal document used for initiating communication between two parties. One of the parties in question sends a legal notice to the other party in lieu of informing their grievances with them and further inform them of their intention of taking legal action against them..  720 Views

How Do You File A Writ Petition In The High Court And The Supreme Court Step By Step

A writ is a written formal order of the court directing the authorities if there is a violation of the Fundamental Rights by a government authority. You can file a writ petition in the Supreme Court under Article 32 of the Indian Constitution; either you can file the writ petition in High Court  840 Views

How To Search Your Case Status By Your Case Number Or Advocate Name On District Court Step By Step Procedure

Now a day’s check the online case status of all the district courts of India is a very easy procedure. Users can search the information by the state and district name, case type, case number, FIR number, party name, advocate name, year and court establishment, etc. In this post, we will..  1149 Views

How to Apply Legal Heir Certificate Online Step by Step Procedure

A legal heir certificate is a very important document to establish the relationship between the deceased person and legal heirs. So in this post, we will tell you how to apply a legal heir certificate online step by step. In this post, we will also clarify some points according to the legal heirship  3436 Views

How to Check Your Case Status by Your FIR Number

The procedure of filing an FIR is prescribed in Section 154 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973. The full form of the FIR is the First Information Report. It is written documents, which prepared by police. When the police received information about any offense, it must be an incognizable offense..  1896 Views

COVID -19 Lockdown Situation Supreme Court Extends Limitation Period for Arbitration Act for Cheque Dishonour Cases

During the COVID 19 lockdown situation Supreme court extends the limitation period for Arbitration Act, Conciliation Act 1996, and under the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881(Cheque bounce & Cheque dishonored cases). Litigants and lawyers to get relief from this move. If you are litigant ..  813 Views

What is the Procedure to File a Divorce in India Step by Step Guide

The term of Divorce also known as the dissolution of your marriage. It means the spouse is unable to live happily and comfortably together. it cannot extend this relationship and also it is impossible to repair the marriage. The procedure of divorce starts from filing the divorce petition and..  746 Views

Are Unmarried Couples Allowed in a Hotel

No laws in a country (India) say that an unmarried couple not allowed in the hotel. Living together with an unmarried couple is not an illegal and criminal offence. “Unmarried couple staying in a hotel neither illegal nor criminal offence “, The Madras High Court has said the verdict. The unmarried couple..  666 Views

Know your Legal Guide if your Cheque is Bounced or Dishonoured And Difference Between Cheque Dishonoured and Cheque Bounce

A cheque is a written document to a bank to pay the stated amount of person’s account(Drawer) to the person(payee) in whose name the cheque has been issued. the bank should pay the stated amount from the drawer’s account to the payee, this is called the cheque is ..  7457 Views

What is the Procedure to get Bail Application in India

Bail is a procedure to release of an arrested accused person when a certain amount of security is deposited by the surety (like cash or property) as a bail bond to ensure the accused appear in court when ordered. If any person commits any type of offence like...  764 Views