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Top 10 Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

After marriage, the newlywed couple goes together for holidays. They spend together some romantic and quality time. The word ‘Honeymoon’ originate in the 5th century, in that time newly married couples drunk ‘Mead’ during their first moon of marriage. 'Mead' is a honey-based alcoholic drink, believed to have aphrodisiac (a drink that stimulates sexual desire) properties. Honeymoon is the most excited and desirable part for every newlywed couple.


Bali is a beautiful island with imageries of volcanoes & privet Beach. You can explore the beautiful temples with your better half. Art lovers couple can visit ubdh- which is an island’s artistic capital, it has a workshop &museum. For adventures, lover couple can take a trekking trip to the famous volcanoes. For water lovers couple best option to enjoy the trip is scuba diving, it is an amazing experience to have. You can also enjoy the romantic privet beach ambiance with your better half.

The best times to visit Bali are May, June, July.

Within 10 -15 days, you will enjoy the Bali trip very well with your better half.



If you want to spend a romantic night with your better half then defiantly go to Marine Bay. For those who enjoy nature the Botanical gardens, it is a great place to visit. 

The best time to visit Singapore in September, you can attend some great events in Singapore. Otherwise, throughout year you can go and explore the country very well.

Within 5 days, you will enjoy the Singapore trip very well with your better half.



Maldives is the smallest & most beautiful island country throughout the world. Maldives mainly popular for a romantic ambiance. Maldives is one of the suitable Honeymoon destination. Most attractive things are on this island – floating resort, delicious Maldives cuisines, snorting and scuba diving.

you can also enjoy a romantic walk on the beach on a full moon night with your better half. You can plan a Honeymoon of 8 to 10 days in Maldives.

The best times to visit Maldives are May, June, July.



Turkey is another desirable Honeymoon destination. Turkey is a mixture of Persian &Greek empire culture. you can stay here in a cave resort. You can also enjoy the couple Spas on a warm aromatic steam bath here with your better half. And hot balloon ride to experience the actual color of the country.

The best time to visit Turkey are from August to November.

You can plan a Honeymoon tour of 7days in Turkey is enough.



Nowadays Andaman also a trending destination for the newlywed couples. They can enjoy a walk at the quiet beaches. Stay in a luxury resort. They also enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling. There have many historical places & museums.

You can plan a Honeymoon 15 days in Andaman


Thailand is a south Asian part. It is a tropical beach. There have many options to explore Thailand. New wed one of the most desirable honeymoon destinations.

You can visit with your panther different part of Thailand like –PhiPhi Island, The Grand Place, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Pa Thong, Pattaya City, Phuket, Bangkok, Ko Samui.

Your time duration and travel costing depend on which part of Thailand you will go. You can read with our post exploring Thailand.  This helps you to plan a honeymoon trip to Thailand.      



Japan situated on the bang of the Pacific Ocean, it is a beautiful desert island. There have lots of offers to explore the country i.e. a number of temples and holy places, national parks, eye-soothing flowers garden etc. You can enjoy the view from majestic Mt.Fuji, shopping at Mecca's most desirable part.  Visiting Disney Sea and shrines.

You can plan a Honeymoon of 4 days in Japan

The best times to visit Japan are from April to May.


8. Taiwan

Taiwan is a most beautiful tiny island. It is also the most famous Honeymoon place. mainly Taiwan attracted the couple with their dramatic mountainous landscape, also it is a modern city and their hot spring resort. You can enjoy countless shopping with a great number of street food options.

If you go to Taiwan then definitely visit the Miaokou night market. Which really blissful feeling for shopping lovers. You can also enjoy trekking and hiking with your loved ones. 3 days trip of Taiwan is enough to explore the tiny island.

While you will plan to go to Taiwan, definitely check the weather of Taiwan, because it is a humid destination.


Hongkong is a colorful cityscape lifestyle.  There have several islands which not very far from each other.  You can visit Nan Lian garden, which is the most beautiful garden throughout the world.

Enjoy the Victoria peak. Hongkong 's starlight which is a really blissful experience . and also you can visit the ocean park where you can enjoy some romantic time with your better half. 4 days enough to explore Hongkong.

The best times to visit Bali are Hongkong October and December.


Srilanka is also a small island. That is the perfect Honeymoon place for couples and also budget-friendly. On this island, you can enjoy the wonderful beach, rainforest, temples etc. Visit Kandy’s temple of the tooth relic. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the sunset on the wonderful beach.

6 days trip of Srilanka is enough to explore the tiny island.

The best time to visit Srilanka is from December to March.


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