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The Famous Role Models Of Women Empowerment In India

In this blog, we will discuss the top ten famous role models of women empowerment in India. There are everyone fought their own battle and finally achieved their success. So let’s start to know about their achievements.

1. Anna Rajam Malhotra

Malhotra belonged to the 1951 batch of the IAS, an Indian Administrative Service officer. She was the first woman in India to hold this position. She was the first woman IAS officer of India. In that time when most Indian women didn’t even try getting into civil service, but Anna Rajam Malhotra fought her battle stood her ground, and went on to become India’s first female IAS officer. She was also the first woman to hold a secretarial post in the central government.

2. Meira Kumar

She was the 1st woman speaker of Lok Sabha from 2009 in India. She was the daughter of the former Deputy Prime Minister of India. She studied at Cambridge University. After that she joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1973 She was elected to parliament as a member of the Indian National Congress. She was the 1st woman speaker of Lok Sabha from 2009 in India.

3. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

She was an Indian first female president of the United Nations General Assembly(19). India’s ambassador to Moscow (1947–49) and to Washington and Mexico (1949–51). In 1953 Pandit became the first woman to be elected president of the UN General Assembly.


4. Leila Seth

Leila Seth was an Indian judge who served as the first woman judge on the Delhi High Court and became the first woman to become Chief Justice of a state High Court, Himachal Pradesh High Court, on 5 August 1991.

5. Kiran Bedi

She is the first female Indian Police Service (IPS) officer and started her service in 1972.

6. M. Fathima Beevi

M. Fathima Beevi is a former judge of the Supreme Court of India. Appointed to the apex Court in 1989, she became the first female judge to be a part of the Supreme court of India.

7. C B Muthamma

Chonira Belliappa Muthamma was the first woman to clear the Indian Civil Services examinations. She was also the first woman to join the Indian Foreign Service.

8. Pratibha Patil

Pratibha Patil was the first female president of India, elected in 2007. She was the 12th President of India from 2007 to 2012. Pratibha Patil was a member of the Indian National Congress.

9. Sucheta Kripalani

She was an Indian freedom fighter and politician. She was India's first woman Chief Minister serving as the head of the Uttar Pradesh government from 1963 to 1967.

10. Arati Saha

She was an Indian long-distance swimmer, becoming the first Asian woman to swim across the English Channel on 29 September 1959. In the year 1960, she got Padma Shri.


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