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How to Register Retail Internet Banking in SBI through ATM Card

Now all SBI customers can register their Internet Banking through ATM card in their home. For this registration all customers need at least one account in SBI with ATM card for retail Internet banking facility. Customers need to follow 10 simple steps for this registration. So, let's start...

Step 1:

On your web browser you need to write SBI personal Banking or you can write this URL direct to your address bar and press enter. The below page will appear.


Step 2:

Then click, continue to the login option. And, this is your login page. Or you can directly enter this URL to your address bar. The login page looks like the below picture.


Step 3:

In your login page, you can see an option: New User? Register Here/ Activate.

Click that option, and then a new page will open for registration.

Step 4:

In this step, select New User Registration from the dropdown box. And click the next button for the next step.


Step 5:

In this step, a customer needs to put some basic information of their bank. They can find all the details from their bank passbook. This page looks like the below picture.

Here you can see from the picture some basic information like Account number, CIF number, Branch code, etc which you have to fill and press Submit. And one last thing on this page, you have to select Full Transaction Rights from the facility required option.

Step 6:

After the submission of the previous part, a new page will be open.

Here, you have to select - I have my ATM card option. And click to submit button.

Step 7:

On this page, you will see your card related details of your account. Press confirm to the next step.


Step 8:

In this step you have to validate your card. Below the picture you have seen some information about your card which you have to put information correctly from your card. Here also you have to write your ATM pin to validate the process. Then click the proceed button for the next step.


Step 9:

Registration all most done. Now in this step, you have to set your username and password of your internet banking account.
Read all the terms and conditions carefully.


Step 10:

This is the final step. After all set your username and password. You have to log in to your account. Follow step 2.
After login, you have to set your profile password. And submit.

These are simple 10 steps to register retail Internet banking in SBI through the ATM card. If you have some problems feels free to comment below.

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