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First Made In India Aircraft Carrier Vikrant Begins For Sea Trials With Video

Recently Indian Navy conducts Helicopter operations on made in india aircraft carrier, which name is Vikrant. ​

Elizabeth Antony, the wife of the then defence minister AK Antony, launched 'Vikrant' at the Cochin Shipyard Limited in Kochi on 12 August 2013 and finally kicked off on the coasts of Kochi on Wednesday, 4 August 2021. ​

Vikrant is 262-metre long, 62 metres at the widest part, and has a height of 59 metres. There are 14 decks in all, including five in the superstructure. The ship also has over 2,300 compartments, designed for a crew of around 1,700 people, including specialised cabins to accommodate women officers. ​

Vikrant is the largest and country's first warship built by India.

India currently operates only one aircraft carrier Vikrant and bought second hand materials from Russia. 

India is now part of club five others countries, which countries can build their aircraft carrier (USA, U.K, Russia, France, China).​

Vikrant will operate Mig 29k, fighter jets and advance light chopper.

Indian Navy is expected to get delivery of 45,000 tones indigenous Vikrant Aircraft carrier guided 7,500 tone missile destroy by end of this year 2021. ​

Vikrant is the first indigenous Aircraft carrier now only begins sea trials. Hopefully, it's to be commissioned next year. ​

A big kudos to workers and engineers of Vikrant. This is a great victory and invention of the Indian Navy and it is a historic and proud moment for the nation.

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