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FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR 2022 Some Interesting And Unknown Facts

The most awaited international Football league is the Fifa World Cup tournament. This year Fifa World Cup 2022 was held in Qatar and this is  22nd Fifa World Cup. This most awaited international Football tournament is taking place in Qatar from 20th November to 18th December 2022.

This tournament takes place in a stadium in Qatar. Which are - Lusail stadium, Al Bayt stadium, Khalifa international stadium &, etc. The Lusail stadium will host the final match of this tournament.

Fifa World Cup 2022 in Qatar, for the first time we have all ever seen in history one thing, which is- Temporary stadium is being used to host the tournament.

The most unique part about this world cup 2022 is its the first world cup to be held in the Arabian country.
Now in this world cup, 2022 tournament are competing for 32 teams are for the highest title. But there are 8 teams that mainly hold up the title previously.

Number one is Brazil, Number two - is Germany, three- in Italy, Four - is Argentina, Five - is France, Six- is Uruguay, Seven- is England, Eight - Spain

They all play very hard to win the title in this tournament. It's the very first ever being held Fifa World Cup in the winter season.


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