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Documents Required for Driving a Vehicle in India

When we drive a car, you should carry with you minimum legal documents. In this post, we will discuss that when we drive in India, which mandatory documents need to carry with us. So let’s start the discussion.

1. Certificate of Registration of Vehicles

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, all vehicles owner must have RC( Registration Certificate ). After RC owner able to use vehicles on the road without any guilt. The registration certificate valid for 15 years from the date of issuance. After the expiry of RC, it can be renewed up to 5 years. The registration certificate is an official document of your vehicles. it defines in which state that your vehicles are registered. RC is a mandatory document to carry. Otherwise, traffic police authority has the right to seize your vehicles or they can impose fines up to 5000 /-rupees as per the Motor vehicles Act.

2. Insurance Certificate of Vehicles

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, the Insurance certificate of the Motor Vehicles is a mandatory document. Vehicles insurance is insurance for cars, trucks, any kind of motor vehicle. It provides the financial protection of your motor vehicles for primary damage and also any kind of theft, its cover both. There have three types of car insurance – Collision, Liability, Comprehensive.

3. Fitness And Permit of Vehicles

Vehicles' fitness certificate issued up to 2 years for a new car. After the expiry of the date, it’s charged 50/- as penalty per day. Every vehicle owner should be applied for this certificate because this is important documents for your vehicles.

4. Driving License

A driving license is an important official document. If you drive a car on the road. At that time you should carry your driving license. otherwise, traffic authority charged fined against you.  

5. Certificate of Pollution

Certificate of pollution it’s also known as PUC. Its means pollution under control certificate. This certificate always issued with the new vehicles. PUC valid up to 1 year of the issued date.  After that, you will apply for a new PUC certificate through the PUC center.

6. Bluebook

The bluebook of vehicles considers as a guide book of your vehicles. It’s assessing your vehicle's market value. This blue book clearly defines the chassis number of your vehicles, model number of your vehicles, color of your vehicles, serial number of your vehicles., engine number of your vehicles, etc.

7. Tax Receipt of Your Vehicles

The owner of your vehicles paid the tax properly. This tax receipt defines properly. So it is an important document while you drive, you should be carried a tax receipt also with you.


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