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Australia Facing a Massive Bushfire: Fires Destroy Approx 300 Homes and Burnt 1 Million Hectares of Land

Australia facing a massive bushfire and also worst drought. It could get worse day by day and also water shortage is the major problem in the biggest city (Sydney) in Australia. The massive bushfires raging across australia are expected to flare up again as temperatures rise in the coming days. Causing these four people have died from fires. And also crews still engage to rescue about 120 blazes across New South Wales and Queensland.

The fires completely destroy about approx 300 homes and burnt over 1 million hectares of land in NSW. The fire chief of australia announced or warn that the fires could burn for weeks and even months. The causing of fire, temperature across Western Australia increases day by day. The drought and fire are the most urgent symptoms of Australia’s climate.

Bushfire is a common and regular feature in the Australian calendar. But this massive bushfire has not previously occurred. The major cause of these massive bushfires is - climate change. A hotter, drier climate would contribute to the Australian bushfire. The fires grow in danger because it will carry along the characteristic of a storm. Ordinary bushfire is driven along by the wind but a massive blaze can carry so much power. It is from a plume that rises up to 15 km into the sky.

More than 1,500 firefights continue to battle the flame this past month. The blazes destroy more than 1 million hectares land and 300 home completely destroy and 4 people died for these massive bushfires.

While the of many blazes is common in the Australian calendar, some people have ignored a total fired at first.  Australia police announced Thursday that they had arrested 16 years old in connection with a Queensland bushfire, which destroyed 36 structures in the region's east coast. Police said that he would be dealt with “under the provisions of Youth Justice Act” and also called for his parents to talk to their child about the dangers of lighting fires at this time.

This massive blaze is the biggest threat of Australia. The firefighter continues to struggle to the extreme condition. The temperature heat 40 degrees in Western Australia. A long-running drought and strong winds left eastern Australia on high alert early in the week with a firestorm risk. The fire in the highly populated greater Sydney area.     


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