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8 Foreign Countries Where You Can Drive with an Indian License

The word of 'ROAD TRIP' really a joyful experience anyone can ever have, throughout your vacation most exciting part. When we travel abroad, we usually use public transport to visit or commute one place to another place. A lot of foreign countries where Indian driving license is also valid due to maintaining some formalities.  So we can also enjoy the Road Trip on your foreign tour, to hiring a car and fill some fuel and hit the road with our Indian license. This process not so difficult, it does not involve any complicated legal documentation.

8 Foreign Countries Where You Can Drive with an Indian License




Road tripping all over the USA is supposed to be a great experience. USA is one of the best places for a Road trip. Almost all states in USA let you drive with your Indian driving license for a period of one year. But this license should be in English otherwise, this is not valid in USA. After one year you need to get a US driving license. One more document important to carry when you driving in USA with your Indian driving license , that is the copy of the I- 94  form. These documents show the date on which entered the USA.


This is really a wonderful experience when you’re driving through the streets of this beautiful country. Your Indian driving license is enough when you are driving in Germany to explore the beautiful country. This valid up to six months the date of entered Germany. Make sure you keep a German translation of your license and you will be good to go.  Although Germany does not make it mandatory for the visitor to acquire an international driving permit.  This is just information for your wealth.


You can drive with your Indian driving license only the vehicles that you allow to drive. You can drive across the roads of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the Australia capital. This valid for up to 1 year.  Northern Australia also allows one to drive with an Indian driving license only for 3 months.


The country of wine, cheese and indeed beauty & the extremely beautiful architecture in Paris. This beautiful country you can also drive with your Indian driving license on the right side of the road. Make sure you keep a France translation of your license while you driving in France, it is valid only for one year.


You can drive on the roads of Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales) with your Indian license along with your passport .the license must be in English .it is valid for one year. There are certain rules you are allowed to drive with Indian driving license small motor vehicles and motorcycles.


This country famous for the northern lights, now you can even drive with your Indian driving license across this land of the Midnight sun. Your Indian license is valid in Norway for up to 3 months. When you driving in Norway to keep your international driving license along with you.


Switzerland is the 'country of the dream'. You can enjoy your vacation natural views of these countries. This is the best place for Road Trip. You can enjoy this with your Indian driving license and its valid for one whole year. you will good to go with your Indian driving license in this whole year.


You can also drive across the beautiful country of New Zealand with your Indian driving license. This privileged valid up to one year. But in this country you need to be 21 age, then you able to rent a car for driving purposes. Otherwise, this is not valid in New Zealand your license should be in English. But if it’s not then you will have to keep an official approve translation with you.


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